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Board Review Resources: Home

Looking for resources to help you study for the COMLEX or USMLE? Check out these question banks, books, and websites.
If you have suggestions for changes or additions, please share your recommendations with the library staff.

ComBank (Powered by TrueLearn)

OSU-CHS provides COMBANK at no charge for all OSU-CHS Medical Students.

Available Question Banks:

  • Comlex Level I -  2400 COMLEX-style questions 
  • Comlex Level II, CE - 2400 COMLEX-style questions
  • Comlex, Level II, PE -  An interactive video series for MSIII and MSIV medical students preparing for the COMLEX Level 2 PE examination
  • COMAT - 125 practice questions per subject for COMAT exams in a simulated NBOME testing environment
  • USMLE Step 1 - 2,000 USMLE-style questions
  • USMLE Step 2 - 2,000 USMLE-style questions

Contact the Brandy Close for questions about access to COMBANK.

Board Vitals






OSU-CHS provides BoardVitals at no charge for all OSU-CHS Medical Students.

BoardVitals is a powerful board review tool with detailed explanations to help prepare for exams for  USMLE Step 1, 2 and 3, COMLEX Level I, and ABFM.

  • Detailed up-to-date explanations with each question
  • Must know questions and answers for the boards
  • Videos, images, and multiple choice options

Contact the library staff for questions about access to BoardVitals.

Exam Master




OSU-CHS provides Exam Master at no charge for all OSU-CHS Medical Students.

16,000 questions and explanations from USMLE Steps, medical specialty boards, and individual medical subjects.

Contact the library staff for questions about access to Exam Master.

Electronic Board Review Books

Websites for Practice Exams